The man of my dreams

Not many people actually know how Nathan and I met and it just happens to be one of my favorite stories, EVER. I do try to tell it whenever given the opportunity because it makes my tummy warm and fuzzy, my heart happy and it gives me the goosies. Yet, somehow, not many people actually know. Most, and probably you as well, think that because we went to the same school and spent a year of high school together that we met there, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Nathan likes to say that he was told his senior year that I thought he was cute but honestly, I didn’t even know who he was. Ha! Sorry Nate.

It was February 2012. 2 years ago exactly or about (i’m not one of those girls that remembers every dang date that things happen on). I was a senior in high school and Nathan was a sophomore attending NCU. I had never met Nathan and if someone at church had mentioned him, I wouldn’t have been able to pick him out of a crowd. I had no idea whatsoever who he was. Then, one night, I had a dream. In this dream, I was on a youth trip with my church. While in this dream and riding in the church van, a cute little friend of mine named Kendra said “Madison! Nathan Brock wants to ask you out to coffee!! You should say yes!” I remember laughing in my dream and saying “HA what? I don’t even know him!” and then Kendra saying “He asked me for your number. I’m giving it to him!” then POOF! I was awake. I was so confused about how I could dream about someone that I had literally NEVER met before, but it was just a dream so I didn’t think too much about it. 

I carried on with my day like any other day except at lunch, I mentioned my super strange dream to Kendra and my other lovely friend, Sarah. At the time, I was regretting saying anything because the first words out of Sarah’s mouth were “YOU HAVE TO START TALKING TO HIM!!!!” Me? Start talking to someone I didn’t know? That was not me at all. So obviously, I just laughed. But Sarah was serious and was not letting me off the hook. So long story short she practically forced Nate’s number upon me and began thinking of things that I could say to him. My head was swirling and then BING! The bell for class rang and I had to go. I tried to hurry to the gym for my TA class but Sarah wasn’t letting me go without texting him. Side story: I had recently been accepted to HIU and planned to attend there the following year. Okay current story: Sarah said I should text Nate and ask about NCU, telling him that I was considering going to school there (which I was absolutely NOT considering at all. There was no way. I was dead set on Hope). Fast forward half an hour, a lot of typed and deleted texts and about 3 bathroom breaks later and I sent a text to him. Nate will say now that he instantly knew what was up…but I think he just likes to tease me. That was the first day we started talking and I guess officially met & we have been talking every single day since, with the exception of his trip to Africa last summer. 

Fast forward through a lot of awkward interactions, sneaking around, strawberry milkshakes, 4am text messages, almost peeing my pants on our first date, star gazing, a billion adventures, too many burrito boy burritos and 2 years and I could now tell you almost everything about Nate. For example, his favorite color is yellow, his favorite number 8, he has a tiny mole on his ear, he will NEVER pass up chinese food, he has one of the biggest hearts for serving Jesus, and he makes pretty dang good cinnamon rolls. Also, I could tell you that sending that text message was one of the best decisions of my life (even though I started out by lying to him about my interest in NCU. Yikes). Yet in my defense, yes, I did lie about being interested in NCU and asked stupid questions like “how is the food there?” (HA, like I cared), I actually ended up going to NCU and not HIU. God sure does work in mysterious ways, people. At the time I didn’t understand but looking back now, it is crazy how God worked in our relationship, starting with my super crazy dream, to me attending NCU, to us now going to Africa together 2 years later! Super awesome. Super happy times<3

So…that is our story! It all started with a dream. He is literally the man of my dreams ;D Cheesy, I know, sorry. 

Also, just so this is in writing and on the record, Nate has agreed to let me have 50 cats if I let him name our someday son Silas, so if he goes against that and I don’t get my kitties, you have all seen this and need to hold him accountable when the time comes! 


I’m not too sure what is going on.

As to why I made this blog, don’t ask me. I have no idea. No idea why I just spent hours creating it and I have no idea as to when the heck I will use it. In fact, I will probably forget all about it within the next 24 hours. Like almost everything else though (aside from fish), I will try it out & see how it goes. I’ve always loved writing but not this type of writing. This type of writing feels random, pointless & i’m pretty sure you will feel the same way about my writing in this blog as well. Let me just apologize up front for that. I’m sorry this blog might be awkward at first. It is almost unadvoidable. I have no clue what I will even ramble about in this thing, maybe my adventures, things I find funny or motivational, recipes I try, DIY crafts I succeed at (there won’t be many, so don’t get too excited about that) or maybe even books or pieces I like . Who knows! Certainly not me!

Another reason I think that I created this blog is because in exactly 136 days I will be traveling to Africa. Yes folks, you read that right. AFRICA! I am pretty dang stoked. While in Africa, I won’t have my 3rd best friend (my iPhone) with me so I won’t be able to contact friends and family back in the States. Also, because every single one of my family members now has Facebook, including my grandparents (Hi grandma!), I figured an online blog might ease their nerves about me being in another country without being able to directly contact them. This way, all of them, including you, yes you, can check up on my progress before I leave and the things that I am doing while in Kenya.

Now, I warned you that I am no good at this, so I will try to post at least once a week. I will even pencil it in on my schedule, that way the likelihood of me forgetting that this blog even exists goes down from 98% to about 60%. Not much of a difference, but hey, don’t judge me. I could probably ramble for hours today being as it is Monday and I have had far too much coffee already, but Nathan is on his way with Taco Bell and my apartment is a mess, so I must make it look like I have wifey qualities and go clean up. Toodles!