43 days, 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Okay, I’m a wee bit excited (as if you couldn’t tell by the blog title).

Our airline tickets have been purchased & were going to AFRICA!! In 43 days, a group of 14 adults, including myself, will travel to Nairobi, Kenya to work with CMF and MOH schools. Pretty darn exciting. Almost everyone I know, knows that I’m going to Africa, either because I can’t not talk about it or I have asked them for money. Ha!. Yet, not a ton of people know exactly what I will be doing while in Africa. So…here is the plan people:

On June 19th, we fly out of Portland. We fly to Chicago, then to London, then to Kenya. So it is about 2 days travel. I will get to Africa on June 21st, a Saturday! 😀

Sunday, June 22nd, we will most likely go to church and do who knows what! They don’t base things around time in Africa, so I honestly have no idea what the plan is.

Monday 23rd-Friday27th, we will be working in a MOH (Missions of Hope) school called Mobatini! We will spend the morning to lunch doing VBS (crafts, music, bible stories, snack and games). During this time, I get to play photographer and dedicate my 4-5 hours with picture taking. Pretty dang excited to say the least! After lunch, we will go into the slums of the Mathare Valley, where we will spend the rest of our day doing home visits. During home visits, we will all be doing different things like sharing the gospel, teaching about HIV and AIDS or who knows what! Whatever CMF wants us to do in the slums, we will do!

Saturday-Sunday, we are going on a safari! It should be fun. Pray the monkeys don’t attack me.

Then on Sunday the 29th, we leave Kenya late at night and return to Portland on the evening July 1st!

So that is pretty much my 2 weeks in Africa & what our team will be doing.
OH! I almost forgot one of the coolest parts! Sometime during my week….I GET TO MEET MY SPONSOR CHILD, ESTHER!!! Ahhhh! I am so excited. She is the most precious 5 year old, who draws me pictures of yams and wants to be a teacher. Goodness, it will be too good!

As I prepare for my trip, pray for calmed nerves, the rest of the funds to come in (personally and in the church) and also travel mercies. I have gotten all of my shots, have my passport and am well prepared, but you never know what could happen before now and June 19th. Also, be in prayer for the country of Kenya, as they are currently facing terrorist attacks and bombings.

I can’t wait to share this experience with you through this blog and pictures. Stay tuned. As I prepare for my trip, there will be a lot more posts coming your way!!



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