My Family Likes To Know Everything

My family likes to know every little thing that I’m doing or is going on in my life. This doesn’t entirely bother me but it means that I need to know every little thing before seeing my family so that I have answers prepared, which is the primary reason for this post. Below I will post the schedule for our trip to Kenya, including flight times (their time and our time) and what we will be doing in Kenya every day 🙂

Thursday, June 19th: Meet at the church at 8:15 am, leave at 8:3o. We fly out of Portland, OR at 1:15pm and will arrive in Chicago, IL around 7:10pm (4:10 pm OR time). We will then leave Chicago at 9:40pm (6:40 pm OR time).

Friday, June 20th: We will arrive in London, England at 11:25am (3:25 am OR time). We will depart London around 8:00 pm (noon OR time).

Saturday, June 21st: We arrive in KENYA around 6:30am (8:30 pm Friday OR time). This is just assuming that we actually arrive on time and that flights are on time, which they never are. After arriving, we will take our stuff to the guest house and then head to Pangani for orientation!

Sunday, June 22nd: We will travel to Joska for the day and for church!

Monday, June 23d: VBS at Mabatini until lunch and then visiting an orphanage in the afternoon to play with the babies 😀

Tuesday, June 24th-Thursday, June 26th: VBS at Mabatini until lunch and then community work in the afternoon (house visits, etc).

Friday, June 27th: VBS at Mabatini, farewell at the school & then shopping!

Saturday, June 28th: We will drive to the safari that we will be going on. This is where we will be spending the next two nights.

Sunday, June 29th: Safari!

Monday, June 30th: We will be driving back from the safari to the guest house where we will have dinner and then leave for the airport. We will fly out of Kenya at 11:50 pm (1:50 pm OR time).

Tuesday, July 1st: We will arrive in London around 6:45 am (10:45 PM Monday, OR time). We will then leave London at 10:15 am (1 am OR time). We will then arrive in Chicago around 12:45 pm (9:45 am OR time) and leave Chicago at 3:55 pm (12:55 pm OR time). Then……we will arrive in Portland at 6:15 pm!



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