Our travels to Kenya!

We made it to Kenya! I know that I haven’t been able to post for a few days due to travel, so soon I will post about our first day in Nairobi. For now, here is a preview of our travel days.

Day 1: we headed for PDX are 8:30am, made it through security and departed for Chicago. The ride was bumpy & I was seated in front of the bathrooms. That should give you an indication about how the flight went. When we arrived in Chicago, we learned that we had an hour delay. Sweet! Extra time for food. Then our one hour delay became 4 and we were now stuck in the airport until 2 am. The airport was cold & I was cranky, so I slept on the floor for a few hours. Around 2am we boarded for our flight to London! At this point, I was so exhausted. I had only slept a few hours the night before we left so I was ready for some sleep. I took a zzzquil tablet, put on my super comfy neck pillow and passed out. At one point, Nate said my head was just hanging down so he ever so kindly pushed it up and instructed me to lay my seat back. What a sweetie.

When we originally got our flights, we had an 8 hour layover in London so we planned on adventuring out into the city, but with our delay in Chicago, we now had less time. Luckily for a few of us, a man from London on the plane who happened to be sitting in front of me gave us a tour from the plane and I got to see the palace and beautiful London! We had to go through customs in London and find our terminal, so we had a little over 2 hours by the time we got settled in the airport. We headed for food & were again off on the next flight! Our last flight from London to Chicago was 8 hours of torture. I had slept the last 8 of 12 hours so I wasn’t tired. I sat on the plane restlessly playing flappy birds and staring at strangers for 8 hours before we finally landed. Creepy, I know.

Once we landed, we applied & received our visas (my first passport stamp-yippee)! Then it was time to retrieve luggage. We originally thought that we might have lost a bag along the way but praise god, all of our luggage was here! After getting our luggage we had to once again go through customs which took way longer & cost way more than it should have (it’s a long story but we got taxed on bringing a guitar. Welcome to Kenya?).

I don’t want to give anything away about our first day just yet because I will be posting about it soon, so I will leave you with this..

After getting through customs it was around 9am (I think) and it was time to start our day!


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