Days 2&3: Joska and VBS

Sunday, day 2: it was 1am when my eyes flashed wide awake. I had gone to bed at 6pm the night before and was extremely jet lagged but there was no more sleeping for me. I laid in bed until 4am when Robin woke up and we played iPads in our room (playing iPads: sitting on our iPads doing nothing lol). After sitting in bed for 2 hours, we got ready, had breakfast and loaded the bus to Joska. Joska is MOHI’s boarding school for girls in middle school and high school. The bus ride was long and insanely bumpy. There were 3 teams on our bus: us, some other Americans who liked to sing but we’re extremely tone deaf and didn’t even know the words to amazing grace and then a group of crazy loud Brazilians. The ride was only an hour but most of it was off road driving which ended up knocking the wind out of me once, which brought me to tears. Quite memorable.

Finally we arrived at Joska. When I got out of the van I heard loud singing. I asked Nate what was going on and he simply said “church!” We walked into this large covered concrete slab that rang with music. Inside were all the girls that attend Joska, singing beautifully. It was seriously so loud. We were seated along with the other visitors and eventually church began. Now when I say church, I don’t mean the type of church that you’re probably used to. This was insane. Insanely awesome. We started with singing, which I had no idea what was being sang because it was all in Swahili. Next a pastor read some scripture and we sang again. This time, the singing was more like a party. The girls began to dance and swing their ties in the air, some handing their ties to Americans. It was awesome! Eventually a man spoke, none of which I could understand, the girls performed skits & again I couldn’t understand anything but the dancing & singing was very cool. After church was over, we toured Joska and had lunch.

Oh I almost forgot to mention: we found Sophia!! Sophia is the Brock’s sponsor child and my sponsor child’s sister. We had searched all morning for her and couldn’t see her, until during one song of church I turned around and saw Sophia showing all of her friends Robin, Daniel & Nathan. Immediately she rushed over and into Robin’s arms, which resulted me in almost bawling my eyes out. So stinken cute!!! After the tour and eating, we got to visit with Sophia and some other girls before heading out to the boy’s boarding school, where we toured and I had a dance off with a little boy. I busted out the sprinkler and lawn mower and he totally won…

That was pretty much our day in a nutshell.

Day 3: We had our first day of VBS this morning & it was so awesome! When we arrived to the school, students lined the walkway, singing to us. We were then greeted by the staff & set up for the day. My job is to take pictures during VBS so for 4 hours I got to walk around, take pictures and dance with little kids. It was a blast. Something that is super important here is tea time. Life stops for tea. So we had tea and little donuts once and then we’re encouraged all day to drink more tea. The tea is like a chai, but very milky. After we fished VBS, we were served lunch & headed to an orphanage.

I was expecting the orphanage to be a very hard experience for me, but I was surprised. I chose to spend my time with the 3-8 months old, so for almost 2 hours I held and played with a 4 month old boy named Casper. He had the biggest eyes I have ever seen and the softest little Afro. He was so adorable & very well behaved. We could only stay at the orphanage for 2 or so hours but it was great to experience and to see the love and time that the workers and volunteers spend with the babies.

Once we got back to our guest house, we had the chance to go to the YAYA Center which is the mall right next door. I got to eat American food (guacamole bacon burger) and my tummy has never been so happy.

Tomorrow we will do VBS again and then head out into the slums for home visits.

I’ve finally adjusted fairly well to the time change. I don’t think that my body hates me anymore & I slept all through the night last night. We’ve only been here a few days but the time has been amazing & I can’t wait to see what happens the next 4 days.


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