Days 4&5!

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday here in Kenya. It’s unbelievable how quickly time is flying right on by. The internet here is very slow but i am still so very thankful to have it, that way I can update all of you!

Day 4: Tuesday morning we drove back out to Mabatini school in the slums to continue VBS, only to arrive and find out that a large fire across the street burnt down 68 homes/stores. So heartbreaking. The mood all of Tuesday was very somber, due to the fire. We continued on with VBS for the morning & again it was so much fun. Tuesday was 1st graders, so they knew quite a bit of English and were very fun! After VBS we all crammed intone 13 passenger van (there are 14 of us and a guitar) and headed to Pangani to shop. At Pangani the girls attending school, attend classes on sewing, bead work and knitting and then the school sells the items. I don’t want to tell what I bought since some of it is for those back home but the stuff is seriously gorgeous! When we got back, I had to run to the mall to get some new malaria pills (another long story). We had been given mostly 1,000 shilling bills so Nate & I bought some snacks to break some bills and then we came back, had dinner & got to spend time together as a group before heading for bed.

Day 5: BEST DAY EVER! The morning started like any other day: 6:30am alarm, breakfast, load the bus at 8. As we were only a block from the guest house, Todd informed us that we would get to see our sponsor kids today. So we then had to beg Peter our driver to turn around so we could grab our gifts. Finally we were off! We continued our VBS at Mabatini, with a little less energy than the days before, but again, it was loads of fun! After lunch, 9 of our 14 group went out into her slums to do home visits. The rest of us stayed to visit with our sponsors because only half could make it. This is where the best part of my day began.

I was impatient waiting for the bus from Pangani to arrive. The bus was running late & it had my little Esther on it. It needed to hurry up. I couldn’t wait any longer. Finally I looked up and my eyes quickly caught those of a little girl in a grey sweater and dress. It was her! At first it was a little awkward. Esther is 6(5 in America) & doesn’t speak English yet. She was hesitant to sit by me but then I mentioned that I had a gift and she immediately loosened up. I had brought Esther some clothes, hair clips & a Barbie. She didn’t really care about any of it except the Barbie. We ripped that thing out of the box right away and instantly she flew into my arms to play.

Tuesday while at Pangani, I thought that I had saw Esther, so we yelled her name and she stared for a loooong time. Then a little boy hit her in the head with a rock and they ran off 😦 so when she was sitting on me, I had the translator asked if she saw me yesterday. Guess what?! That was totally her getting rocks thrown at! Granted she did throw the boy against the wall and throw rocks at him too 😉 For the next hour, I got to sit with Esther, play, sing, dance & love on her. She was hilarious and seriously the cutest little thing. Saying goodbye was so hard. I cried. I’m crying now thinking about it. So that just means that I will definitely come back again someday to see her again!
Tonight were heading to the mall for milkshakes and then dinner & our group meeting where we share about our day.

We have 2 more days of VBS and then were off to the safari. I can’t believe how fast time is going by and that in a few short days I will have to say goodbye to so many wonderful people and children. The staff at Mabatini are seriously some of the most incredible people that I have ever met. Their love for the children and community is amazing and inspiring. Seriously people, start saving money and get your booty’s over here!!!!


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