Bucket List

You hear people talking about these. They can’t wait to cross items off, travel somewhere new, see something rare. Yet I always wonder if people actually remember the items on their bucket list and if they actually try to complete every task on them. I have a bucket list, but only for big things. My goal is to complete every item on my bucket list before I’m 65. I don’t know why 65, but I feel like that is a pretty solid age before you start deteriorating. Here is a little glimpse of everything that I plan to do someday πŸ™‚

#1: Experience NYE in NYC. Every year I watch the ball drop from NYC and it looks miserable, but it looks miserably fun and I want to just experience the emotion and celebration at least once.


#2: Ice skate in Rockefeller Center! This has been a dream of mine forever. Something about that massive tree and ice skating in the city is just….wonderful.


#3: Visit India during Holi! I mean, India looks gorgeous as it is, and then make it look like a massive Color Run & I’m in!


#4: Spend Christmas in London. Actually, it doesn’t matter when I go to London, but Christmas looks beautiful πŸ™‚ When we flew over London on our way to Kenya, I wanted to go explore so badly. I have to go back.


#5: Lets be honest, I just want to go to Italy for the food.


#6: I’ve never been to San Fran and I am DYING to go.


#7: Ever since The Last Song came out, I have been yearning to visit Tybee Island, in Georgia. It just looks peaceful πŸ™‚


#8: Boston! I have heard such awesome things about Boston and I wouldn’t mind visiting Fenway πŸ˜€


#9: I’m not a big hiker or rock person, but I am my father’s daughter and love the outdoors. Arizona looks so beautiful with all of the sweet rocks and hikes, plus the warm weather is perfect!


#10: LASTLY! This one is a big one. It is expensive and I will probably never get here, but it is worth the shot. Also, I’m pretty sure that if I traveled here, I wouldn’t leave. None other than the Maldives!


I have quite the traveling to do & money to make in order to do so, but I’m determined πŸ˜‰


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