First things first, the lip synching in this video is just awful and I mean seriously awful. Aside from the awful lip synching though, this song is super catchy and speaks a ton of truth about today’s society.

When I first heard this song this summer, my friend and I looked at each other and started laughing, but the more that I have heard the song, the more I have grown to love it.

Throughout the song Secrets, Mary Lambert sings “They tell us from the time were young, to hide the things that we don’t like about ourselves, insides ourselves. I know I’m not the only one, who spends so long attempting to be someone else, well I’m over it.” The song itself speaks so much truth about society and the things that young women and men are taught from a young age. My parents never told me to hide my imperfections or to try and act a certain way but society certainly did. I remember being in the fifth grade when I had no leg hair and secretly snuck razors from my mom and shaved my legs because the girls on the TV told me that boys didn’t like leg hair. I can remember buying oodles of makeup in middle school and caking on the concealer and eyeliner because without it, everyone could see my zits and I wasn’t cute. The thing is though, I didn’t need those razors or makeup. As young children, and more specifically young girls, we were taught that without doing those things and without covering up any imperfections like zits and leg hair, we weren’t good enough.

In middle school and high school, I was judged if I wore clothes that might have been too tight on my “bubble butt” or a shirt that was a little tight on my chest. I was made to feel ashamed. Why? Because I had the body of a woman? Yes, I had a booty and a chest and I wasn’t ashamed of it. I was actually proud to not have a mom butt, so heck yeah, I wore jeans that had little designs on my tush and made me look good and like a girl.

I’ve had little things that I didn’t like about myself, whether it was leg hair or zits and I’ve always been told to cover those imperfections up. I have two drawers full of makeup, I spend $30 on one tube of concealer, and yes, I used to buy Proactive because I had weird little acne spurts here and there. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on products to cover up aspects of me because why? Because society has told me that it is unacceptable to let others see those so called imperfections? And yes, all of this time I have bought into what society has told me. I have bought multiple tubes of expensive concealer and have constantly tried to dress to my body type and on and on the list goes, but I’m here to say that although I have imperfections and there are countless things that society has told me to hide, I won’t hide any longer.

I suppose Mary Lambert’s song has inspired me. 

I have secrets and things about myself that I dislike and have hidden or covered for so long, at least until now.

So here it goes kids..

I’m knocked kneed and my knees are even uglier when bare. I hate it. I don’t wear short skirts and I hardly wear shorts. I hate showing my knees. I hide them.

I have super dark circles and skin under my eyes, which is why I spend $30 on expensive, extra-strength, concealer. I look like I was just straight up punched without wearing concealer. I hide those dark circles.

I have crazy freckles, especially during the summer but most people can’t tell because of the makeup I feel that I have to wear. Those freckles are hidden.

My feet are straight up hideous. I definitely did not get my mom’s cute feet so I usually cover them up and eventually plan to get tattoos so that I won’t hate them so much. I keep my feet out of sight.

I do like my butt. Judge me. It is there and isn’t flat! HOORAY!

I’m scared of the dark but why would I tell people that? That would make me a wuss.

I’m terrified of being kidnapped, having my home robbed, or anything of that nature. Like overly obsessively scared. Then again, society tells me that I should be because I’m a woman..

I’m also afraid of the dentist and doctor. I think that one is natural though.

I don’t shave my legs that often. So what? My boyfriend doesn’t care.

The list could go on and on, but really there is only one thing left to say…


God made us all in His image and we are all perfect, even with zits, leg hair, acne, big bubble butts, and disorders.

I refuse to believe society any longer and I refuse to hide the things that I don’t like about myself because I’m over it.