Summer DIY

Did you know that if you go to the mall to try and buy a pair of shorts for summer, you could spend anywhere from $25-50?!?! Let me tell you, I had no clue or I wouldn’t have gone to the mall. Maybe I just didn’t realize how much shorts cost because my mom always bought them for me or because I had been SO poor this year that I hadn’t gone on a shopping spree in nine months, but DANG, shorts are spendy. I wasn’t about to drop bones on shorts, which I can only wear for maybe three months of summer in oregon, but I wasn’t sure what I was going to do because at the time of my trip to the mall, it was 75 degrees out in the middle of April and I really needed some shorts. Then I had a lightbulb moment and decided to make my own shorts! A few days after this idea came to me, my friend Megan & I went thrifting to find old mom jeans that we could turn into shorts. Sadly, I only found one pair that worked and they were already shorts, so I planned to just cut them and sew on cute pockets, but after getting back to my dorm, I found a pair of coral skinny jeans that I hardly ever wear and a pair of high waisted yellow Forever 21 shorts that I think I’ve worn a few times, so I added those to my pile of DIY shorts.

The ugly, long, mom-shorts that I picked up at St.Vincent Depaul were $4. I had a pair of Old Navy skinny jeans that I have had for 3 years that I have worn maybe three times, and a pair of Forever 21 shorts that I have worn a few times. So I only spent $4 on pants.

Then Megan and I took a trip to Jo-Anne Fabrics and I spent $10 on two different fabrics and two different types of lace. I haven’t had a ton of time to work on my shorts since finishing school and moving home, but I have been able to get two pairs done and I’m pretty satisfied.

The ugly mom ones turned out pretty good for a first attempt and they just need to be cut shorter, although I kinda dig the long length:


Next I worked on my coral skinny jeans. I cut most of the leg off, cutting at an angle so that the inside of the leg was longer than the outside. I plan to roll and cuff the bottoms of the legs. Then I created two mint floral pockets, then sewed on the lace to the mint fabric and attached the pocket as one! I also sewed on the mint floral fabric to the inside of the pockets and then distressed the pockets using an X-Acto knife:


To distress any pair of jeans, you just make horizontal cuts using a knife or box cutter, then you will see little blue or colored vertical strings in the cuts, you just pull those out with tweezers, leaving the white or colored horizontal (it was really hard with colored jeans because both the vertical and horizontal strings were pink, but in jeans, the vertical are blue and the horizontal are white). Then, you’ll have distressed patches on your jeans! Super easy!

My last pair of shorts are light yellow high waisted jean shorts with frayed legs and I can’t exactly decide what to do. I may sew on colored pineapple fabric to the pockets or just distress the shorts, but either way, I have had a ton of fun getting to make a few pairs of shorts for summer.

& the best part is, I spent less than $15 to make 3 pairs of shorts, which you definitely cannot do when buying shorts at the mall!

If you’re interested in making your own shorts, you just need:

-Shorts or old jeans

-Fabric Scissors

-Thread & Needle


-Fabric quarters

-X-Acto Knife & Tweezers

Super easy and fun DIY for summer!


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